The role of PHH

Peninsula Home Hospice works with all health professionals involved in the client’s care and supports them to understand palliative care.

  • We recognise that all service providers contribute to high quality EOL care
  • That the GP is the principal medical care provider
  • That coordinated information and care that supports clients to be partners in decision making is reassuring for clients and families

We are guided by these principles:

  • That dying is a part of life
  • That the person is central to care
  • That carers are important
  • That clients have information that they can openly and genuinely discuss
  • That decisions are respected
  • That care is integrated from skillful staff
  • Often the most valuable role we can play is supporting health care teams and professionals through consultation, advice and support

A referral would be appropriate according to the following criteria:

  • The client has been diagnosed with a progressive and advanced illness
  • Current treatment is not for curative purposes, but rather with a goal of quality of life

Palliative issues exist, which could include the following:

  • Need for a multidisciplinary team approach to assist with client and carers to manage with issues associated with living with a terminal illness, to live as actively as possible until death, and in bereavement
  • Need for assessment and treatment of symptoms such as pain, nausea, shortness of breath, anxiety or depression
  • Need for spiritual, social or psychological support to affirm life and regard dying as a normal process

Medical Support

Peninsula Home Hospice medical support is provided to you by your general practitioner, who with Peninsula Home Hospice is responsible for your care.

Your GP and /or your specialists will provide you with the prescriptions you need to manage your health. Your palliative care nurse will liaise with your GP about extra medications you may need.

Peninsula Home Hospice also has the support of a Specialist Palliative Care doctor. This doctor is available to support your GP and Peninsula Home Hospice staff to make sure your care is ideal and that your medical needs are met.


The PHH consultancy service is available to all Residential Aged care facilities (RACF) within our region. There is opportunity for RACF staff to access advice and support for residents experiencing complex or unexpected end of life issues.

Our consult service aims to work with the RACF staff to assess the resident/families and staffs’ current concerns, and assist in developing recommended care plans to assist the staff in achieving improved quality of life for their residents.

PHH supports the implementation of the Commonwealth Government’s Guidelines for a Palliative Approach in Residential Aged Care Facilities, and working with facility nurses to strengthen the palliative approach for all residents.

The process of providing a specialist assessment and recommendations to RACF, also provides opportunity for informal learning by RACF staff and consolidation of general palliative care principles.