We promote and provide education to clients, their families, carers and volunteers. This helps develop, train and educate others to help people remain in their homes.

Education for clients, their families and carers

We provide education on:

  • ways to manage symptoms
    equipment use
  • explaining practical aspects of care and
    support and care for carers

Education for the Community

We are committed to education and building community capacity through support for graduate, undergraduate and community programs.

Overseeing and supporting students on clinical placements including, undergraduate nursing students, allied health students and PEPA placement (

General Practitioner Special Interest Group (GP SIG)

Peninsula Home Hospice has a new General Practitioner Special Interest Group – Palliative Care. The purpose is to support General Practitioners within the Peninsula Home Hospice catchment area who have identified a special interest in palliative care to create a cohesive working relationship with specialist services to deliver better palliative care outcomes for people living and dying in their place of choice.

The Special Interest Group will provide an opportunity for General Practitioners to connect with other health professionals in the area of palliative care, build their clinical skills, and earn CPD points.