Peninsula Home Hospice is your community-based palliative care service.

Our aim is to provide specialist palliative care in the home that optimises quality of life 
and honours the hope for comfort, choice, dignity and peace.

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Peninsula Home Hospice

Working together to live and die well

Peninsula Home Hospice (PHH) is an accredited not-for-profit organisation that provides specialist palliative care to people in the comfort of their home.  Our aim is to optimise the quality of life for those in our care and honour their hope for comfort, choice dignity and peace. 

PHH services are available free of charge to EVERYBODY who needs palliative care in the Local Government areas of Mornington Peninsula Shire, City of Frankston and part of the City of Kingston.

We offer culturally safe and inclusive care when working alongside diverse, vulnerable or marginalised communities. PHH is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors that give their time and expertise to steer the organisation into the future. Partly funded by the Victorian Government, we rely on loyal and committed community support to enable us to continue to make a difference.

PHH respects and acknowledges the various cultures and lifestyle choices of people
and ensures individual needs are considered in every interaction with us. 

“You matter because you are you,
and you matter to the end of your life”

– Dame Cecily Saunders –
Founder of the hospice movement